There are so many amazing students in the Concept Network, and here is where their work is displayed.

Piu Munia- Michigan Math and Science Academy– In Piu’s 11th grade Government class, assigned students a difficult text (Declaration of Independence). Students were asked to take this primary document and translate it into modern terms and made a visual representation. All six parts of the DOI had to be translated in laymen’s terms. Piu took charge of her group and delegated responsibility and made sure that her group did a stellar job in their project.


Alyssa Ziegler- Horizon Science Academy Columbus High School– Alyssa recently turned in an exceptional project during our unit of study on the transcontinental railroad. The postcard she created was written from the perspective of a traveler of the transcontinental railroad to a friend back east. Alyssa’s illustration on the front of the postcard is what made her project so impressive.


Jailan Bonkiye and Ahmed Hanshi- Columbus High School– These students created a sleep aid for zombie’s suffering from lack of sleep…hypno-doze-student-example